In this newest demonstration, I am using many of the same techniques I described in the previous demonstration, with some slight differences. This drawing focuses more on the head with two different light sources, with back light coming in through the blinds. Using a live model, I begin to first to first work out the gesture and composition, gradually building on the form. I begin to work with middle values before I bring in the dark values, continuing to work from general to specific. I work trying to let the value of the paper breathe into the figure, giving it natural skin tone. As I bring the background in to unify the drawing in harmony, I begin to concentrate on back-lit areas of the face. I hope you enjoy this drawing.

Here’s a short demonstration of drawing a casual portrait using charcoal and pastel on toned paper. For this demonstration I’m using a live model in a casual setting. After working out the composition, I capture the gesture and basic proportions first. I then begin to build on the form, with middle values first, while establishing shadow forms. I gradually bring in the darks building on the highlights and halftones. At this point, I also begin to blend the background with the form in order to merge the atmosphere and harmony with the figure. There will be more demonstrations similar to this to follow.

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