Artist Statement

Self Portrait It gives me great satisfaction when I am able to bring individuals to life on canvas or in my drawings. Creating artwork is a journey for me, where I get to explore the mood, emotions, personality, and likeness of the individuals depicted in my work. I hope that the viewer will experience a personal connection with the people in my paintings. For instance, regarding my painting, Afterwards at McMenamins, I will often hear comments from viewers like, “I feel like I’ve known this lady for years,” or “I’d like to know what this lady is thinking, because I bet she has a story to tell.” Taking the time to get to know people before I paint them helps me to convey their individual personalities and qualities, and makes it easier for the viewer to relate to them.

Recently, I was approached by an elderly gentleman concerning my painting on display at the Haggin Museum in Stockton, CA. He recognized a figure in the background of the painting as being his wife, who had passed away shortly after I had finished the painting. This painting depicts a common garage sale where people are each seeking old treasures, which is why I titled it, Abandoned Treasures. It made my day and hopefully his, when I gave him a framed giclée print of the painting. The greatest reward I receive is when I am able to touch the hearts of others in one form or another through the people in my artwork.